Lareb Database

Search by name of the drug

You can search for information about adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for medicinal drugs or vaccines registered in the Netherlands. After entering the name of the drug or vaccine, various topics wil be presented, like scientific publications by our pharmacovigilance centre, signals detected by Lareb and an overview of ADRs as reported on this drug or vaccine.

Both generic drug names and brand names can be used. For technical reasons it is not possible to search for compounded drugs, homeopathic of phytotherapeutic drugs and drugs not approved for marketing in the Netherlands.

How to search

  1. Enter the first letters (at least three) of the drug name in the search field below and then select the appropriate drug as presented in the list that is shown.
  2. Select the appropriate dosage form.
  3. Click the search button at the bottom of the page.
The brand and generic names as used in the Netherlands are shown.

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Step 2.