We use cookies for web statistics measurements among visitors to These data are not shared with third parties. We also use anonymized IP addresses and do not collect personal data in this manner.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of this website and stored on your device (computer/phone/tablet) by your browser. The information stored in it can be sent back to our servers during a subsequent visit. With these cookies, we aim to improve our future services and your experience when visiting our sites.

On this website, we use functional and analytical cookies. Functional cookies are always placed and are necessary for the website to function. Analytical cookies are needed to analyze the website and make it more user-friendly. These functional and analytical cookies have little impact on your privacy and are always placed when you visit our website.

No tracking cookies

Lareb's Adverse Reaction Center does not use tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are cookies that can track visitors while they browse other websites. Therefore, the website does not support the DoNotTrack setting in browsers.

Web statistics

Lareb's Adverse Reaction Center uses cookies to measure web statistics with the Piwik Pro program. We use this service to monitor how visitors use the website with the aim of improving it. The data we collect is not used for any other purpose, and we do not share it with third parties. We measure the behavior of visitors in the following ways:


Basic data



Is the visitor new, or has the visitor previously visited the site?


Which pages has the visitor viewed?


From which site did the visitor come?


What equipment and software is the visitor using?    


Has the visitor previously visited the site? Value of the cookie is Yes or No.


Is the visitor continuing from a previous visit (more than 30 minutes ago), or is it a completely new visit? Value of the cookie is the last timestamp and action of the visitor.


From which website or web page did the visitor come to the website?



Through what kind of channel did the visitor come to the website? This cookie contains the following values:

1.   Direct traffic

2.   Referring external website

3.   Social media

4.   Search engine (Google or Bing)

5.   Campaign or advertisement

The legal basis for processing is our legitimate interest.

Piwik Pro also measures the search terms users enter in search engines on the website. Finally, we also measure the equipment and software that users use (devices, browsers, operating systems).

Masked IP addresses

We have taken measures to limit the traceability of visitors to our website as much as possible. We do this by immediately discarding the last two digit groups (octets) of each IP address in Piwik Pro's log file import. This is done in temporary memory before the masked IP addresses are stored in Piwik Pro. The log files are kept on the web server for five days to be available for Piwik Pro. Afterward, the log files are kept for 90 days solely for the purpose of detecting security incidents.

Changes to the cookie policy

We may update this cookie statement from time to time as necessary. We recommend checking this statement regularly. The latest version is always available on this webpage.

Questions and contact

For more information about the protection of personal data and your rights, you can read our privacy statement.

Pharmacovigilance centre Lareb has a Data Protection Officer. If you have a question or complaint related to privacy at the Adverse Reaction Center Lareb, please send an email to

This Cookie Statement was last updated on October 6, 2023.