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  • Fifteen years of patient reporting
    Patients’ reports can contribute to signal detection and add value to pharmacovigilance. However, Lareb recognizes that there is a big leap between allowing patients to report and ...
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    18 JUN
  • Teaching teachers in implementing PV undergraduate education
    There is an increasing interest in integrating pharmacovigilance into undergraduate medical, pharmacy and nursing education. Our main goal for pharmacovigilance education at univer ...
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    08 APR
  • Collaboration with a patient organization for insight into patients’ experiences with drug use and ADRs
    Lareb was approached by the patient organization for patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD(H)D) dyslexia and dyscalculia called Impuls & Woortblind. The ai ...
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    03 APR
  • Mesalazine treatment and urinary stones
    The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb received two reports of urinary stones when using the drug mesalazine. The compositions of the stones were not reported. Analysis of ...
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    03 APR
  • New causality assessment method for ADRs on drugs and vaccines
    Several causality methods are developed from a theoretical perspective. In daily practice, not all information requested by the causality method is relevant or available, decreasin ...
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    28 NOV
  • Monitoring of drug safety during pregnancy
    Lareb performed a web-based questionnaire study to gain insight in current international practices in the monitoring of drug use during pregnancy and its risks. Also future plans a ...
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    31 OCT