Overview of vaccines

On this page you find the report of possible side effects after vaccinatie. Please read the disclaimer when clicking on a vaccine. The fact that a possible side effect is reported, does not imply that the reported symptoms are actually caused by the vaccine. There can be another cause. In addition, the number of reports shown does not necessarily reflect the actual possibility for an ADR to occur.

COVID-19 vaccines

Find the reports of possible side effects following the COVID-19 vaccines here below. The reports are sorted per type of COVID-19 vaccine.
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Dutch National Immunization Programme vaccines

Children receive vaccinations within the Dutch National Immunization Programme against thirteen infectious diseases.


D= Diphtheria Hib= Haemophilus influenzae type b M= Mumps
aP= Pertussis (whooping cough) HBV= Hepatitis B   M= Measels
T= Tetanus Pneu= Pneumococcal disease          R= Rubella
IPV= Polio HPV= Human Papillomavirus MenACWY= Meningococcal disease ACWY

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6 to 9 weeks Rotavirus
3 months Rotavirus
5 and 12 months DKTP-Hib-HBV
14 months BMR
  Men ACWY
4 years DKTP
9 years DTP
10 years HPV
14 years Men ACWY


Flu vaccine

Every year around October people who are at risk of retrieving a serious influenza infection are invited to get vaccinated against it. The target group for this vaccination includes people older than 60 years and people with a health condition among others.
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Pneumococcal vaccines

Infants, people older than 60 and people with a compromised immune system are offered a pneumococcal vaccination.
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Travel vaccines

When visiting some countries it is recommended or sometimes mandatory to be vaccinated against certain infectious diseases.
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Other vaccines

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Vaccines that are no longer used

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