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Isotretinoin (Roaccutane®) and erectile dysfunction

Date: 27 July 2015

Isotretinoin is used as a treatment for severe types of acne, that prove resistant to standard therapy.

Lareb received 7 reports on erectile dysfunction associated with the use of isotretinoin, in the period from 25 September 2000 until 4 December 2014. Erectile dysfunction is very common. It is suggested that 14% of men older than 18 years and 40% of men older than 60 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, including physical, sexual and psychological causes. Additionally, aging and lifestyle can play a role in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may also occur as an adverse drug reaction of several drugs. Treatment with isotretinoin can cause erectile dysfunction possibly by causing testosterone deficiency. The association of erectile dysfunction with the use of isotretinoin is a new signal and should be mentioned in the Summary of the Product Characteristics of this drug.

More information regarding erectile dysfunction associated with the use of isotretinoin can be found here.

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