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Maximum quantity of vitamin B6 in dietary supplements

16 December 2016

  • It is known that high doses of vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage in hands and feet, complaints mainly consisting of numbness, tingling or pain. The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb received around 80 reports of such complaints after using Over-The-Counter (multi) vitamins that also contain vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Overviews of the reports were send to the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) with a consideration to set a maximum allowable quantity of vitamin B6 in supplements.

    On the basis of a risk assessment, the NVWA now advises the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport to set a maximum daily dose of vitamin B6 in vitamin preparations through national legislation.

    A safe dose is a maximum of 21 mg per day for adults; for children a lower dose is advised. The Minister has followed this advice.