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Selective serotonergic vasoconstrictors (triptans) and pain re-activation

Date: 22 July 2015

The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb received 19 reports of pain re-activation in association with selective serotonergic vasoconstrictors (triptans). Triptans are used for the acute treatment of migraine.

After administration of triptans patients experienced a re-activation of pain. Initial pain in patients involved inflammations or inflammatory diseases, injuries or pain after surgical procedures. It is suggested that higher concentrations, as is the case for subcutaneous formulations, gives a higher rate of pain activation. Resolution of pain was within hours in most patients.

It is of importance to acknowledge the possible role of triptans in a patient with pain re-activation. Moreover in patients with inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or colitis, it could mimic an exacerbation of the disease.

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