Start of the international MedSafetyWeek 2023


Today, the MedSafetyWeek starts. The MedSafetyWeek is an international (social) media campaign focussing on raising awareness of reporting possible side effects. The Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board and pharmacovigilance centre Lareb host the MedSafetyWeek in the Netherlands. During this week, we encourage patients, doctors and pharmacists to report any adverse reactions associated with medicines or vaccines.

The safety of vaccines and medicines are always extensively tested before being introduced to the market. Adverse drug reactions observed during the (pre)clinical studies are documented in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC). However, some adverse drug reactions, whether mild or severe, may only be observed in real-world scenarios, particularly when a medicine or vaccine is administered to many individuals. Additionally, certain adverse drug reactions may only manifest after prolonged use or in combination with other medications.

Therefore, it is important to report adverse reactions. Reporting possible side effects enhances our understanding and contributes to the safe use of medicines and vaccines.

About the MedSafetyWeek
The MedSafetyWeek is an annual campaign organised by the World Health Organisation, promoted by Uppsala Monitoring Centre, medicines regulatory authorities and pharmacovigilance centres globally. This year 88 countries participate in the MedSafetyWeek.

This year’s focus is on who can report and how patients, doctors, and pharmacists can contribute to pharmacovigilance.

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